Accountancy and Finance

Do you enjoy handling money? A career in accountancy and finance is not a number crunching profession. It is a study to record, monitor, analyze and report all financial transactions and matters. This develops a wide range of skill set including business and commercial awareness, analysis, leadership, problem solving and team working. It also helps in building budgets and forecasts, determining cost of financing, retaining profit or growth and diversification.

Accountants and finance professionals provide reliable information for financial records including financial reporting, auditing, accounting processes and taxation. They act as professional advising clients on financial matters such as profitability maximisation. They work in public offices, practices, not for profits and profit making concerns.

Financial managers are good money managers. They look after the funds of the organisation from stability to growth. Though it’s not the core activity of the business but is considered the life line. They provide with analysis and reports such as budgets, forecasts, variance analysis, cashflow statements etc. They also ensure external compliance when it comes to the financial regulations e.g. anti-money laundering etc. Financial experts do not only provide a financial solution but also build a monitoring and control system which caters for any kind of financial activity in a flexible costing model.