Web Development

E-Tech design and develop websites with you business in consideration, implying tools and best practices to enhance your web site user or visitor experiences in context of your buisness.Our Web Design team ensures your site is compliant with web standards, cross browser compatible, effective, usable and accessible.

Our structured approach to website design involves the following activities in the development.

  • Examine and understand the business objectives
  • Conduct a usability study to ascertain what questions the user will be seeking an answer to and how users behave
  • Organise information i.e. categorise a site's content based on what is known about the users' information needs and their behaviours the organisation of information on a website or intranet is key to its success. This is done by working out the 'organisation structure' which allows the user to navigate through the scheme.
  • Develop a labelling system. Labels, be they within navigation systems, contextual links, headings or index terms, must speak the same language as the site’s users whilst reflecting its content e.g. by the use of scientific terminology or lay terminology where most appropriate.
  • Develop a website navigation system i.e. a method for moving through the information which enhances situational awareness (a clear indication of where you are) by building in contextual clues.
  • Develop a search system i.e. a way of retrieving information where there is sufficient content to merit it.