Business Case

The preparation of a robust business case to support investment in projects is a vital step toward achieving stakeholder buy in. A business case provides a framework for the planning and management of organisational change and helps organisations cost and benefit from the initiatives. The ongoing viability of the program or project is monitored against the business case.

At E-Tech we work with you to develop successful business cases, whether they are business change, transformation or an internal change program starting from the reasoning and need for initiating a project to the financial and non-financial viability including the cost benefit analysis and justification. We ensure that the business case has clearly defined desired outcomes and benefits which eventually helps in post project reviews and sign offs.

At E-Tech, we understand the critical thinking required for creating a business case and understand the value adding activity in the four major components below:

  • Understand the cost and resources that a project will require
  • Benefits defined that will be derived once the project is completed
  • Risks and issues that might occur during the process
  • What are the assumptions and dependencies behind the estimates