It generally relates to management structure, interrelated policies and procedures, processes and decision making structures within an organisation or department. It is about how decisions are made in the organisation. Governance framework is usually focused in a management board or committee who meets periodically and leads the path of strategic and tactical decisions. Governance provides with a structure on which the company objectives are positioned, means for attaining those set objectives and performance monitoring.

In portfolio project management, governance is more about the overall portfolio or project rather than the organisation and is concerned with the areas of corporate governance interconnected to project activities. At E-Tech we believe in putting things right the first time and focus on an aligned objectives portfolio project governance framework with the overall organisation. Through our project governance focus we ensure that the steering committees and boards are provided with all relevant information for decision making. We highlight the need of governance of individual projects (Project Governance) side by side to the overall governance of all the individual projects (Portfolio Governance) which refers to the project management capability.

We at E-Tech consider structure, people and information as the main pillars of governance. Structure refers to the board, committees and other groups where the key decisions are done based on the portfolios and projects. People are the role which fills these boards and committees i.e. project owner, senior user, suppliers, directors, internal and external stakeholders. The decisions taken by these people in the boards and committees depend on the key information provided which usually travels upstream in the shapes of reports and dashboards.