Reporting summarises the overall progress of the program/project hence a very vital pillar of a PMO. It consolidates all the workstream/project information including RAIDs, finances, change control, milestones, critical path and deliverables. This information is timely provided to the management in various forums as per the requirement. Reports to the Portfolio/Program Steering Committee, governance forums, program management, business boards etc. with up to date reports and plans for each strategic project, achievement towards the benefits, and progress on the cost to achieve. Capturing and reporting overall program budgets vs. actual for each workstream through the financial tracker including monthly tracking and reporting of costs, annual budget planning and forecasting, project status and financial reporting.

We focus on timely meetings with the PMs on the updates to workstream plans, program finance and RAIDs. Weekly meeting with Business Leads on updates in planned headcount movement, strategic location updates and efficiency saving. Collect and consolidate regular project status reports from within the team for reporting to senior stakeholders and directors. Presentations and meeting packs for board. Tracking and reporting on headcount data utilising appropriate toolsets across Global Projects. Reporting against key governance controls. Status reporting includes milestone completed during the last fortnight/ month and milestones to be worked on in the next fortnight/month.