Change Control

Preventing changes to destabilise a project is change control. It is a controlled process to manage the volume and impact, assists the project to deliver what is required within acceptable quality, budgets and time frames. For developing an effective change control process, we first of all focus on the baselining exercise. Once the plan is baselined, budget defined and the tolerance limits are decided, any proposed changes to the scope, finances, plans or deliverables of the project/program are managed through the change control process once the required approvals are granted.

Clear objectives of defining the steps of managing changes to all projects and programs within the entity should be communicated and monitored. Key roles such as program and project manager, sponsor, business lead and impact assessor with their respective responsibilities need to be clearly communicated and educated. A separate change log needs to be created and updated with all approved changes with all required information and a change request form created with the required details of the change should be created and shared with the team. A separate fast track process for urgent changes should also be included.

We ensure an effective Implementation of a change control process including impact analysis (financial, time and scope) and change request logs. Coordinate the change control process within the entity, Collate detailed technical and schedule information from change requestors and ensure change impacting business functions are communicated and planned effectively. Our continuous focus remains on all changes are recorded and impact analysis assessment.