Content Management

Modern web sites are no more an html only pages, modern web sites are made of large chunks of dynamic content, highly interactive workflows to support sophisticated user interactions. Alfresco Web Content Mamanegemtn allows developers to develop pages without concern of static content, which in turn updated by business users under some workflow, allowing businesses to audit the life cycle of each piece of web site.

Alfresco provides mechanism to collaboratively create web content, Integrate your existing web application, or utilize the standard repository to serve content directly to your web site, without adding any infrastructure.Alfresco facilitates and manages the content publication on to varying social publishing platforms.

Additionally, this enterprise content management software is accessible on mobile devices. You can view content on these devices and even make changes. This is a valuable tool that makes working on the go much easier and more enjoyable.

Content management feature highlights

  • Drag-and-drop from Windows Explorer and Mac Finder
  • Google Docs and Microsoft Office integration
  • Embedded workflow engine routes documents through business processes
  • Full-text search across document content and metadata
  • Granular access control
  • Extensible metadata model
  • Social features such as 'like', 'comment', and 'follow'
  • Standards-based API (CMIS) makes building custom front-ends easier
  • Online previews
  • Version control