Document Management

Document Management provides the flexibility for the team to collaboratively edit and update the same document from geographically different locations, while maintaining versions of documents. Alfresco Document Management System also provides the facility to preview document before downloading, it supports range of formats including most office files, images, multimedia files.

Alfresco workflow engine help managing internal business processes, workflows can be simple as review and approval to very complex set of steps involving review approval, sending copies to multiple destinations on every update of the document.

It provides all of the core document management services needed to allow organizations to capture and manage electronic files and automate document-centric business processes. From loan-origination processes to insurance claims to sensitive legal documents, Alfresco is an open source document management system that can handle any of your business-critical content.

Document management feature highlights

  • Track changes across document version and different users with history
  • Document storage for individuals, groups and projects
  • Provide access control
  • Rule based document workflow for collaboration, review, approval and publishing