Secure File Sharing

We are now living in the world of the extended enterprise, where cross-functional teams rarely share the same building, country, time zone or even employer. During an average day, users may need to collaborate with partners, external agencies, consultants, customers, contractors or prospects. Do they go around IT and use consumer-focused cloud services? Or must they cobble together collaboration using email?

Alfresco in the cloud is much more than simple file sharing. It is the same platform that thousands of enterprises around the world already use for scalable, transactional document management and collaboration.

Alfresco has released key new cloud features that include:

  • S3 Encrypted ContentContent is securely encrypted at rest when stored in the cloud using 256bit AES Encryption. This ensures any physical security breach to our data center will not compromise your content.

  • Support for WebDAVWebDAV can be used to provide Dropbox-like synchronization on the desktop using 3rd party clients such as GoodSync. It also allows you to open, edit and save content from popular productivity apps like Apple iWork directly into Alfresco from your desktop, phone or tablet device.

  • Public File Sharing Links Share files in your Alfresco Document Library using a Public URL that can be shared easily via any service such as email, Facebook, Twitter, and Google+.

  • Folder Rules and Actions, including file transformationsAlfresco allows you to automate repetitive tasks, such as converting Docs to PDF. Alfresco’s powerful workflow engine allows users to more efficiently automate these types of tasks.