Records Management

Most Records Management solutions, in the market today, are expensive, complex and designed to meet the needs of records managers and compliance officers. But these solutions were never designed to meet the needs of today’s workforce. They do not make it easy to collaborate, allowing users to create and review content and simplify the process of getting work done.

Alfresco is a powerful ECM solution that makes it easy for end users to create, manage and securely share files with anyone — with electronic records management built right in.

Supporting any information formats, including Microsoft Office files, audio, video, social and mobile files, RM can now just be part of your standard working practice — automatically managing, capturing and declaring records but invisible to the end users.

Alfresco Records Management System provides

  • Hybrid ECM for secure collaboration with the extended enterprise
  • In-place record declaration provides easy access that drives user adoption
  • Business rules that automate RM tasks in the background
  • Dynamic file plans that automatically manage record folders