Financial Management

Managing finances is not a core revenue generating activity but is seen as the life line management of business. We have noticed an average sized business has several employees running the finance, accounting and payroll functions. Medium sized businesses easily spend couple of hundred pounds annually on them. Our offer is to outsource your finance function to us and let our speacialised staff deal with your financial management activities on a daily basis from your office or ours at a much cheaper cost and remember we do not mean offshoring when we say outsourcing.

At E-Tech we plan, organise, direct and control the financial activities of clients. Our financial experts have helped clients in all financial activities. For some of our clients we sit in the board as an external advisor for financial decision making while we also perform financial controlling activities in effectively and efficiently running and managing the financial tasks. As seen in the case of small and medium business which cannot afford to have a financial management function or financial controller function, we come up as a cost effective solution provider on a daily basis. Our expertise is not only to provide a financial solution but also build a monitoring and controlling system which caters for any kind of financial activity in a flexible costing model. This also helps in creating a financial monitoring and control governance for the organization, department or portfolio.