Transaction and Data Processing

Our focus is to improve operational effectiveness of our clients through streamlining and managing business processes cost effectively. No matter what business industry you are in, a lot of resources are being spent on the non core activities which though are essential for running a smooth business but are not essential to run them in-house. Even then the results are not satisfactory in half the instances.

This is where we come in. No matter the data or transactions in financial or tabular formats, large or small recurring, service or products, online or manual, rest assured we specialize in processing with accuracy, on time, confidentially in the most cost effective manner. We can also help in data entry or converting physical hard copied data into soft data. One of our key services is converting data into meaningful information. Raw data on its own is good to have but it’s the information or our periodic reporting on the data that helps management in decision making.

On a daily basis, on behalf of our clients we deal with large number of customer complaints, health club memberships, accounting transactions, timesheet management, financial data, bills processing, candidate screening, student records processing etc. This has given our clients more focus on the core activities while we take the pain of all non-core ancillary services.