Sales Order Cycle

Another key area for our customers is to gain effective cost saving through outsourcing. You don’t need any staff, time or resources to complete the sales process from sales order to receiving payments. This reduces a lot of time and hassle for our clients. No matter what type of industry from product to service, we help you initiate a complete sales monitoring and control system.

We handle all your sales order for processing, keep in touch with your customers, help you complete the sales/service level agreement, quotation building, invoicing customers and finally chasing payments due where necessary.

All the invoices, agreements and correspondence will be carried out on your behalf with minimum time spend by you. Once the sales order is completed and agreement signed, we will report all the periodic updates to you and integrate with your finance department. Periodic reports including orders completed, orders outstanding, pipeline reports, payments received, accounts receivable, targets achieved compared to budgets, commissions, comparisons, future forecast, product/service grading and sales forecasts for the remaining year.

It gets very difficult for companies when you have a large number of recurring receipts and small amounts. This involves a lot administration of receipts i.e. forms, documents, invoices, transfer acknowledgements etc. No matter if it’s small or large number of daily or weekly receipts; we will accurately complete the processing on time along with all the required paper work.