Human Resource Management

Our payroll bureau offers a confidential service aimed at reducing the administrative burden on clients. With HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) accredited software and professionally qualified staff. Our payroll team operates a leading Payroll system offering a robust solution that is in use by many of the UK's leading payroll bureau. Our professional payroll service is a guarantee to keep you compliant at a very low cost compared to your in-house payroll processing. P45s, P60s, payslips and all other relevant formalities will be provided to the employees.

CV Screening and Application Processing

Going through the job applications, CVs, candidate enquiries etc can be the most cumbersome and time taking tasks which no employer or a recruitment business wants to go through. Most agencies now are using CV screening softwares which though is a relief but not a complete solution.

We give you and your candidate a personalized service and offer you to outsource this pestering process to us and get the final resultants based on your required criteria. This does not ends here; rather we take a step ahead and can also offer a bureau office on your behalf and screen the CVs with one to one discussions with the candidates.

Employee and candidate checks

We have saved our clients a lot of hassle around security, credit, CCJs, previous employment and history checks when it comes to new employees or candidates. Regardless of you being in recruitment, security, financial sector, manufacturing, education or any kind of business concern we follow rigorous process to complete the vetting.

Our service is designed to be simple, efficient and put our customers in control. Our vetting provides a written reference from an employer or personal referee, typically covering company name, period of employment and position on leaving. Reports are provided via email in 5-10 working days.

Payroll Disbursement

We relieve you of the stresses involved with the day to day running of a payroll department so you can spend more time on core business. We can manage the whole payroll operation, including data capture, processing, printing, distribution and reporting. This means we will take care of all changes in legislation, sickness/absence benefits, overtime etc. This also includes Payments to staff, the HMRC, payslip printing and dispatch, yearend reports prepared in accordance with HMRC requirements and if desired, submitted on your behalf.

Timesheet Management

Times spend by an employee cost the business and are quite essential as to what activities or workstream an employee is working on. Regardless of an employee being a contractor or a permanent staff or temporary worker or performance based worker, a business needs to ascertain the value added by the employee.

We can help you monitor and control the time management and link it to the payroll. We can automate your routine business processes, eliminate administrative tasks, and monitor labour activities as they happen allowing you time to make better business decisions that could be a huge financial saving and more concentration on the core business activities.

Payroll Reporting and Analysis

Our payroll management comes with an extra value add of reporting and analysis. We will not only run your payroll service but also report. Our reports will give you details and summary for the week, fortnight or month depending on your payment run with an accumulated view since the start of the year and a comparison with last year. Not only this but we will also forecast your payroll for the remaining year. Included in our reports is analysis on your payroll. Analysis consists of our suggestion and advice from cost saving and tax planning point of view and also include the industry ratios and norms.