Project Delivery and Support

No matter if your initiatives consist of change, transformation or development projects and programs, there is a 50% probability of failures in delivery until unless they are run in a controlled, collaborative and communicative environment. Why not outsource your change and delivery support to our project experts and not only reduce your capex and opex costs but also reap the benefits of successfully controlled delivery with up to date progress analysis. At E-Tech we believe in implementation with a common methodology that is standardised approach within an organisation and has effective repeatable project management processes.

We provide a common supporting tool throughout the projects and programs and the objectivity is to reduce project failure, deliver within budget, improve productivity, resource utilisation, communicate in time and plan ahead through supporting and training project, program and team managers. Our focus is to develop project management best practices, standards, policies, procedures and templates. We create a central control for resource management including capability development and demand/supply planning. Rest assured we help in portfolio project pipeline management in line with strategic direction while monitor, control and report on the active projects.

At E-Tech we believe in putting things right the first time and focus on an aligned objectives portfolio project governance framework with the overall organisation and highlight the need of governance of individual projects (Project Governance) side by side to the overall governance of all the individual projects (Portfolio Governance). Our business case provides a framework for the planning and management of organisational change and helps organisations cost and benefit from the initiatives. Our project outsourcing solution is an end to end service including the planning, work breakdown structure, RAIDs tracking, financial management, reporting, change control, reporting and vendor management with possible flexibility at your premises.